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Waterfield Technologies Announces Acquisition of VoxGen to Advance its Conversational AI and CX Technology

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Waterfield Technologies (Waterfield Tech) announced that it has acquired VoxGen, a UK-based leader in bot strategy and design, to advance its conversational AI practice, customer experience(CX) technology, and services. Waterfield Tech will be able to better address fast-growing opportunities relating to AI in contact centers in retail, healthcare, government, and other B2C verticals as a result of the acquisition.

Evan Jones, Chief Customer Officer at Waterfield Tech, commented, “VoxGen will be an integral part of our conversational AI practice. Companies, from mid-market to enterprise, are transforming how they do business, and their customers are at the center of this movement. VoxGen’s expertise in bot strategy and design will better enable our clients to connect with customers through a more comprehensive, personalized consumer experience.”

Waterfield Tech’s acquisition of VoxGen further expands its role as a contact center transformation expert and enables companies worldwide to transform their CX by deploying AI and intelligently automating conversational processes that deliver more connected customer experiences.

Kerry Robinson, CEO of VoxGen, said, “The VoxGen story started over 20 years ago with a simple mission: to harness the power of AI to enable natural, automated conversations. I’m delighted to be teaming up with Waterfield Tech so we can help many more companies deliver an amazing customer experience and maximize the ROI from their investments in conversational AI. Whatever the platform.”


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