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What is Identity Resolution?

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Nowadays, interactions through multiple devices are becoming sophisticated in a continually expanding world of connected people, places, and things. These devices help depict unique customer journeys with an emphasis on diverse behavior and preferences. Marketers strive to deliver worthwhile customer experiences across channels and devices.

A focus on customer identity plays a critical role in customer engagement. A holistic and robust Identity Resolution (IDR) system helps to identify each individual dynamically.

Identity resolution (IDR) is the process of analyzing deterministic and diverse customer records across multiple platforms or devices to create a unified customer profile of each known and anonymous user. IDR incorporates real-time data with daily updates from several sources and is lucrative for business goals.

Customers expect a unique experience, but inconsistent messaging such as targeting a customer with the same ad repeatedly may hamper interactions.

With IDR, marketers can create a customer profile for each individual to understand precisely whom to target and deliver content consistently. IDR capabilities allow marketers to recommend products based on browsing or purchase history. The data collated during customer activities helps deliver the appropriate messages on preferred channels. It empowers marketers while optimizing customer journey by recognizing the phases of a customer’s in their journey.

IDR not only assists in delivering a seamless experience, but also furnishes deep insights to design effective campaigns, develop brand loyalty and advocacy. IDR reinforces the relationship between brand and customer. Additionally, enhanced omnichannel interactions allow retailers to identify a customer across channels.
Identity resolution solutions eradicate channel-specific silos allowing retailers to correctly understand customer’s real-time product interaction. They ensure coherent customer interaction data sets across systems and are a critical constituent in omnichannel retail.