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Wipfli Acquires Solve100 and Waypoint

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One of the top 20 accounting and consulting firm, Wipfli has announced the acquisition of two data analytics and application development companies, Solve100 and Waypoint. The acquisition will enhance the capabilities of Wipfli that enable its clients to make data-driven decisions and help the firm discover business possibilities by enhancing its technical capabilities.

Wipfli initiated a connection after identifying the focus of Solve100 and Waypoint in data analytics and business intelligence services. Wipfli’s own culture of employing creativity, discipline, and established methods to create outcomes today while anticipating tomorrow’s expectations coincided with their desire to deeply understand their clients’ companies.

“We all recognize that data is an asset with untapped potential,” said Ken Kortas, technology consulting practice leader at Wipfli. “Many of our clients are looking to understand how their data can inform their future growth and sustainability. That’s where we can help. Adding Solve100 and Waypoint innovation and digital consultation skills to our Wipfli team deepens the bench to support all of our clients.”

Chicago-based Solve100 offers a variety of services like business intelligence, data analytics, machine learning, and predictive analytics solutions to several industries. Enterprise data management and analytics firm Waypoint is based out in West Chester. They also offer solutions for the healthcare and financial services industries.

“We offer a better way to aggregate disparate information, and report, analyze and visualize complex data through business intelligence, or data analytics,” said Greg Woodard, principal at Solve100. “Together with Wipfli, we offer development expertise to build governance around clients’ data. This enables us to build solutions informing data-driven decisions, and offer integrations, connections and customizations that address unique needs.”

Data management and data integration will enhance the business in the future. The data plays an important role in business success and client acquisitions as well.

“Data is more abundant than ever before, but organizations struggle with planning, managing and visualizing that data in a way that provides insights,” said Brendan McGuire, managing partner at Waypoint Consulting. “We help all types of clients discover, develop, and deploy data and analytics solutions in ways that improve operations, reduce risks and drive profitability.”

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