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Wishpond Announces the Release of Braxy.io

Wishpond Announces the Release of Braxy.io

Wishpond, a leading provider of marketing-focused online business solutions, recently announced that its subsidiary, Brax.io, has launched a new and easy-to-use AI-powered advertising solution for businesses, Braxy.io.

The AI-powered platform at Braxy automatically builds and optimizes advertising so that businesses can draw in more clients faster. Businesses can use Braxy to develop ads that specifically target the types of customers that buy their goods and services. The company is confident that using the Braxy platform would enable businesses to get noticeably better results than they would by handling Google advertisements on their own, and at a fraction of the expense of working with a full-service agency.

“We are very excited to launch Braxy. Small businesses have long been underserved by the best digital marketing solutions and ad placement strategies. Braxy changes that by providing a simple, effective, and affordable online ad solution to get businesses started even with small ad budgets”, said Kevin Ho, General Manager of the Brax.io division of Wishpond.

Small and medium-sized businesses frequently have no choice except to hire a pricey advertising firm to handle their advertising or learn how to do it themselves by spending hours navigating a confusing Google interface. For the price of a reasonable software subscription, Braxy tackles this issue by streamlining the setup procedure, enabling businesses to get set up in as little as 10 minutes.

Braxy\’s AI is used to improve targeting, select new keywords/negative keywords, manage timetables, and run new advertising. All of this is viewable from a simple-to-read dashboard that shows the number of calls, views, and conversions in real-time. In comparison to the industry average click-through rates (\”CTR\”) of about 2%, the company thinks that Braxy can deliver CTRs of up to 8%.

Ali Tajskandar, CEO and Founder of Wishpond, said, “The launch of Braxy is a significant milestone for Wishpond as it represents an important new product introduction from a Wishpond acquisition. This launch also further validates our M&A strategy and serves as another indicator for the success of our tuck-in acquisitions. Furthermore, we are very happy with the Brax team and look forward to seeing their continued success as we grow the business.”