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With PayPal for Living Spaces Online, Verifone Improves Customer Experience

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Living Spaces Online, a leading home furnishings retailer, allowed PayPal payments over its website at the end of last year by using Verifone’s Cloud Services and Advanced Payment Method (APM) platform. As soon as the payment option went live, consumers instantly recognized it and started using it.

Jeremy Belostock, Head of Advanced Payment Methods, said, “Whether you’re exclusively online, brick-and-mortar, or both, Verifone enables a modern, omnichannel payment architecture. Large enterprise and SMB merchants alike can rapidly implement the newest and most popular APMs with just one integration, supporting their efforts to improve the customer experience, and boosting checkout conversion rates in the process. And with these payment methods implemented online and instore, merchants can do advanced omnichannel functions like Buy-Online-Return-in-Store with APMs, and utilize common reporting and analytics across channels, for optimized and timely business decisions and forecasts.”

The Cloud Services solution from Verifone enables retailers to provide a smooth and secure payment experience online, in-app, and in-store. Card-not-present services such as eCommerce processing, APM processing/settlement, Pay-by-Link, shopping carts, tokenization, and merchant of record services are key components of Verifone’s Cloud Services package. Verifone’s card-present and card-not-present services combine to produce a strong omnichannel offering that is now used for payment services by thousands of businesses.

The benefits of using Verifone’s Cloud Services for APMs, including PayPal, for Living Spaces, included the growing library of APMs – currently encompassing digital wallets and Buy Now Pay Later options, as well as the ease of implementation and omnichannel benefits across the Verifone terminals in-store. In a little over six weeks, Living Spaces integrated and went live with PayPal by partnering with Verifone. The market’s reception was extremely positive, as users immediately began to use it, barely minutes after going live.

As organizations want to provide their customers with frictionless payment experiences, APMs such as PayPal have become increasingly vital. Supporting a variety of APM solutions for payment apps, cryptocurrency, and BNPL across numerous digital and physical platforms, on the other hand, might be difficult. Verifone’s APM platform makes support easier by allowing numerous APM tender types to be integrated into a single system.

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