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Wyng Partners with Attentive to Offer Personalized Customer Experience

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Wyng, a zero-party data platform, announced a collaboration with a leading comprehensive text message marketing solution, Attentive, to deliver personalized customer journeys. Following this partnership, Attentive customers can instantly access zero-party data from Wyng to create segments and customize messages.

With the help of a zero-party data API and privacy by design principles, Wyng makes it simple for marketers to provide enhanced customer experience and offers privacy-first personalization. Attentive enables organizations to automatically send engaging text messages to each subscriber using real-time behavioral data. With the no-code integration of Wyng Connector for Attentive, marketers can easily route zero-party data to Attentive to tailor messaging and create more effective segments based on consumer needs, preferences, and other zero-party data. Wyng’s API-first and developer-friendly platform will enable brands to link Wyng’s data to Attentive immediately and easily set up the integration to automatically enhance customer engagement.

Getting customer experiences right means you have to know what customers want, for as many of them as possible. The best way to know this is to ask them nicely while offering valuable help in exchange. This is why zero-party data and SMS are both so popular right now. This partnership affirms the commitment of both Wyng and Attentive to make it easy for brands to build more interactive, valuable, and personalized experiences”, said Jacob Borgeson, Director of Product Marketing at Wyng.

By combining API-first, real-time architectures of Wyng and Attentive with zero-party data, organizations can cater to their customer’s needs and offer tailored customer experience. Customers will now have transparency and control over their data, thanks to privacy-first communication principles, zero-party data, and SMS’s opt-out capabilities, allowing them to anticipate and fully control their experiences.

Greg Bauman, Director of Partnerships at Attentive, commented, “The future of customer relationships is about more personal, direct interactions that build trust, so we are excited to combine the personalized messaging capabilities of Attentive with the zero-party data and privacy-first personalization that Wyng provides. Giving brands an easy way to build more personal and engaging messages with seamless integration between our platforms is a win for customers who want less noise and more value in their inboxes.”

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