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Yamaha Announces Web-Based Piano AR

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A unique web-based shopping solution named “Piano AR” was unveiled by Yamaha. Piano AR enables customers to view the genuine model and details of Yamaha’s iconic pianos.

Yamaha has designed an entirely web-based augmented reality (AR) solution for piano shopping. The new solution, which shows the scale and details of the piano, enables customers to choose the piano they want without leaving home. This will help customers to save time and will enhance the shopping experience.

“Previously, customers seeking large pianos were having to physically measure out a space with paper and their imagination,” Alex Rodas, Piano Marketing Manager, Yamaha Corporation of America said. “As the need for remote and digital shopping experiences continues, we’re excited to give customers an engaging, informative way to find the perfect fit for their space.”

The new solution, which is focused on customers, provides an entirely different customer experience. The users will be able to experience lifelike shadows and lights. The sound of the piano can be experienced by iOS users by just tapping on it after positioning it digitally.

Safari, Chrome, Edge, and Firefox browsers provide access to the Piano AR solution. The solution is also available for Android and iOS mobile users with features like U1 PE, U1 PM, U3, U3 PW, YUS5, GB1K, C1X, C2X, and C3X models.

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