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Zendesk Announces the Release of New Customer Sentiment and Intent Functionality

Zendesk Announces the Release of New Customer Sentiment and Intent Functionality
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Zendesk, a leading provider of customer experience solutions, recently released new Artificial Intelligent (AI) solutions, Intelligent Triage and Smart Assist, to triage customer support requests automatically and access valuable data at scale. By democratizing access to these solutions, businesses can realize value in minutes by comprehending intent and sentiment using account-specific, data-driven models that are tuned for individual use cases and enable faster answers.

AI is expected to impact most customer support interactions in the near future, according to industry analysts, but according to Zendesk research, less than a third of firms are currently utilizing AI to assist their service teams become more efficient. This is partly due to the fact that, despite tremendous advancements in AI technology over the previous five years, software companies have yet to pass those advancements on to their clients and are still selling expensive AI solutions that are exceedingly time-consuming to set up.

Intelligent Triage and Smart Assist are the next steps in Zendesk’s mission to make accessible customer experience AI for businesses of all sizes. Utilizing a vertical perspective, the technology draws on insights from trillions of customer data points and proprietary industry knowledge. As a result, models that are unique to each organization are developed. These customized models can recognize the intention, tone, and emotion behind every consumer interaction.

In order to better serve clients, this innovative machine learning application provides interactions that are more individualized and informed. For instance, specific questions like “I’m experiencing issues with payment” can be automatically routed to an agent who is trained to handle billing for a quicker resolution, whereas questions written in all capital letters or in a sarcastic manner will indicate a highly negative sentiment and be routed to the front of the queue.

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