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Zeotap Introduces Consent Orchestration For Marketers

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A leading Customer Data Platform (CDP), Zeotap, has announced the launch of Consent Orchestration as part of its award-winning platform that allows marketers to activate customer data at scale within new data privacy restrictions. During the customer journey, from data collection and channel activation to GDPR compliance and CCPA compliance, it unifies, configures, and automates the individual’s consent and marketing preferences.

Projjol Banerjea, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer of Zeotap, said, “As one of the few Customer Data Platforms made in – and for – Europe, we know just how much marketers here can be paralysed by the challenges that data privacy regulations create, and that’s the problem we set out to solve. In doing so, we’re hoping to deliver a balance on three priorities that have previously competed with each other: scalable results for the marketer enhanced experiences for their customer and fewer headaches for their DPO.”

A problem that plagues marketers, especially in Europe, is solved by Consent Orchestration. Businesses are required to comply with regulations such as GDPR and CCPA when using customer data. The problem is that consent can be captured at more than one touchpoint for a single customer, and then can vary between channels and messages depending on the channel of activation. Marketers face the challenge of combining consent choices and acting on them at speed and scale without the need for constant vetting by a Data Protection Officer (DPO), which slows down activity.

Marketers and their DPOs can control data privacy compliance throughout the customer journey with Consent Orchestration. It achieves this through three key steps:

Unification: unifies consented data from multiple sources to deliver a single consent taxonom

Configuration: connects the customer’s marketing preferences to the marketer’s communication channels

Automation: ensures granular GDPR and CCPA compliance on the basis of the customer’s consent and marketing preferences, for example, a reflection of consented purposes.

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