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ZL Tech’s Latest Innovation Extracts Business Insight from Complex Corporate Knowledge

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A SaaS platform upgrade has been launched by ZL Tech to surpass its “sandbox” analytics paradigm. The upgrade will expand the client base of the organization. Individual information from emails and documents can be obtained through the application for gaining business insights. This will allow organizations to gain information regarding the most impactful people: what an individual knows, and the feelings and preferences of their workforce.

The information shared by individuals consists of all this data, which is absent in databases. This data, which consists of human knowledge, dynamics, intentions, and participation, is precious. Enhancing the quality, range, and pace of data analytics across firms will help to extract more information.

With four new differentiators, people analytics technology will be able to surpass its previous limitations:

Virtual or “In place” data management : As per ZL Tech, managing unstructured data “online” or “in-place” can save time and cost. Although high-value data consists of 2% to 5% of all data, storing a copy for governance purposes is still a high-cost activity.

From Sandbox to Beach : ZL Tech can scan the full beach of employee-created data on demand, leading to considerably more accurate and relevant data sets for analytics. For ZL Tech’s next generation of business analytics, Microsoft 365, Teams, and file servers are all possible data sources.

1,000X Faster Time-to-Data : There was a considerable delay and scaling concerns in the traditional approach while accessing and exporting the original data. ZL tech will help with performing the search, filtering, and updates on data sets immediately.

Embedded Governance : The unified data management method used by ZL assures that both governance and analytics requirements are met at the same time. Unstructured data management, for example, must follow privacy regulations for the use of personal data. Till now, analytics has operated without regard to governance requirements.

“Analytics today is just a sandbox. “The insights are only as good as the data you throw into the sandbox,” said Kon Leong, CEO and co-founder of ZL Tech. “But enterprises that seek to be liberated from the sandbox can now expand data-wrangling to the beach, while also ensuring that governance obligations are met.”

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