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Zoom Launches Edge Speech Recognition Driven by Sensory

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A leading Edge AI provider, Sensory Inc., unveils its TrulyNatural embedded voice recognition software in the latest beta release of Zoom Rooms for android, ios, macOS, and windows. All Zoom Rooms platforms now support voice commands powered by Sensory. This update adds more functionality to Zoom-native voice commands, which are all handled locally rather than in the cloud. In addition to using their voice to enter Zoom Rooms, participants can also use commands like ‘Start Meeting’, ‘Leave Meeting’, ‘Check-In,’ and more, further empowering organizations to create safe, private, and effective hands-free meetings. Zoom Rooms also offer voice control while maintaining privacy.

According to Todd Mozer, CEO at Sensory, Inc., “Zoom understands the important role privacy plays to enterprise customers and selected Sensory to bring the convenience of voice control to Zoom Rooms. Utilizing our advanced embedded voice AI stack, we’ve bolstered the voice experience while maintaining total privacy and brand recognition,”

Sensory’s TrueNatural is an embedded platform with natural language understanding (NLU) powered by deep neural networks. Sensory and Zoom have collaborated to create domain-specific recognizers that take advantage of TrulyNatural’s capabilities for recognizing common voice requests for controlling meetings. Additionally, they have developed more complex voice tasks, such as recognizing letters and numbers to enter meeting IDs and passcodes.

Cynthia Lee, Lead Product Manager at Zoom, said, “Zoom is passionate about making collaboration easier, but we always put our customer’s privacy and security front and center. Sensory’s technology checked all the boxes for us: accurate, fast, and private. We look forward to adding more voice features as our public beta progresses towards full launch later this year.

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